Thursday, May 12, 2016

Supply, Demand & Curve (1976 ,Ireland ,Canterbury style )

Reminds me of Caravan ....Hatfield and the North .....National Health .......and sometimes Gentle Giant .......
I got crappy mp3 files one day ,and was surprised to know that it was one of Canterbury-type  masterpieces ....
I purchased the vinyl at once to show better ripping here .
You should use your headphone or earphone to enjoy this tricky album.

Recorded time is quite different from the printed one (A-1 & A-2 )




Thursday, March 17, 2016

Δώρος Γεωργιάδης (Doros Georgiadis)Σταύρος Σιδεράς(Stavros Sideras) "Πέρασαν 2000 Χρόνια" (It's Been 2000 Years ) (Greece ,1976,concept Xian prog )




A1 20 Ιουλίου 1974 (July 20 ,1974)
A2 Παναγιά Μου (My Lady)
A3 Πέρασαν 2000 Χρόνια (It's Been 2000 Years )
A4 Σε Πούλησαν Χριστέ Μου (They sold The Christ )
A5 Happier World
A6 Τα Νέα (The News )

B1 Κύριε Δημιουργέ (Lord Creator)
B2 Ο Εξωγήινος (The Alian)
B3 Ένα Τρελλό Όνειρο (A Crazy Dream )
B4 Ο Σκεπτικιστής (The Skeptic)
B5 The End Must Become
B6 Hymn To Love

Music: Doros Georgiadis
Lyrics: Stavros Sideras

Return verses in Greek: Doros Georgiadis
Orchestration: Doros Georgiadis
Conductor: Johnny Boshoph
Production: Loizides - Nicolas Production
Producer for Greece: Kon. Fasolas
Slide Front-Cover: Jacques Wyrs / Paris
Slides & Inside back cover: Kon. Papaconstantinou

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Barrock "L'alchimista " (1991 ,Italy ,neo-prog )

I posted their 1st demo cassette here .
"L'alchimista" was their 1st studio recording CD including some tracks from the demo cassette.
Excellent album with a lot of fantasy !!!!!

Mariangela (Greece ,female pop ,1975 )

This album is famous for the arrangement by Vangelis .


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blue Morning (Italy ,1973 ,jazz rock )

Blue Morning 


Maurizio Giammarco - soprano & tenor sax, flute, keyboards
Roberto Ciotti - guitar
Sandro Ponzoni - electric bass
Alfredo Minotti - drums, percussion
Alvise Sacchi - percussion, various gadgets



You can get this album's mp3 from the following 2 links ...and interestingly they are different source  (I checked them out )   mp3 or  mp3

.in addition ,mine is also different from them ,too..You can choose one as you like !!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Barrock (Italy,Cassette ,1985 ,neo-prog)

Barrock was one of  Italian neo-prog bands that was formed in 1982 and disbanded in 1999 (?)
They released 3 cassettes before they released 1st album "L'alchimista" (1990) at a Japanese label.
Thier 1st cassette was released in 1985 ,and after the release, 2 cassettes were followed..."L'alchimista"(half of the tracks were studio recording and the rest were live recording ) and "Romeo & Juliet"  (OST for  the theater play )

Although they released 3 CDs ,they could not jump over this 1st cassette ...

Giampaolo Poles (bass)
Maurizio Poles (drums) 
Valter Poles (guitar, keyboards)
Graziella Vendramin (Vocals )
Paola Poles (vocals)
Giuseppe Vendramin (keyboards)
Laura Ivan (vocals, 1982-88)




Friday, January 08, 2016

Ekseption Plays Bach (Netherlands ,compilation,1984 )

A Happy New Year .
I hope many excellent albums will be shared to all of you this year ,too !!!!!

This unique compilation was released in 1984 in Germany.

A 3

Do you already know the following good news ?
I will share more excellent sound if I get the turntable.
Look forward to it ,please .

Friday, December 25, 2015

Kebnekaise "Vi drar vidare " (Sweden ,prog fusion ,1978 )

 At RYM ,this allbum is rated as a worse album. (average ...2.68 )
So I have avoided it for a long time.
But I listened to it for the first time these days and found it a better album.
What do you think ,mates ?


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sakre "Bizitako Gauzak " (Spain ,1978 ,prog )


Masterpiece .

This album was reissued as the CD before.
I borrowed it from my friend ,but not so good sound quality,so thought it would be a value to post from the vinyl ripping and tried to make it better .

Happy merry Xmas to all prog fans all over the world !!!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Drama (1985 ,USA ,prog fusion )


I don't think Drama is  a rare album,but maybe the cassette version is rare.
I ripped it from the legit cassette.


Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Roberto Laneri "Two Views of the Amazon " (Italy,experimental.drone,1985 )


horrible drone music. or free improvisation.

Very different from the image of the front cover ....each side has over 40 minutes long


Another Project (1988 ,Belgium ,prog pop,neo-prog )


A cassette tape including 4 racks .


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Tamarisk (1983,neo prog,UK )



Samples can be tried at the info above .
You can purchase the CD from the band website if you like this cassette tracks.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Monica Törnel "Jag är som jag är"(SWE ,1978,)

Mixture of jazz ,rock,prog,folk pop.
Excellent album,absolutely !



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Napalis (1976 ,Netherlands ,Jazz rock )

Prog jazz rock masterpiece.


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Saint-Preux "Atlantis " (1979 ,France ,Sympho )

This is an excellent rock symphony.....concept album about Atlantis Continent .
Especially fantastic of inner cover below .

different cover


Thursday, August 06, 2015

Beirão - “Pop Star do Sertão” {Brasil} [2014]

Beirão E Os Filhos de Dona Nereide - "Natural do Ceará e radicado em Brasília, o músico compositor Beirão vai do forró ao frevo, passando pelo xote, baião, coco, maracatu, ciranda, carimbo e rock, com letras que falam sobre globalização e tecnologia com conotação social. Conhecido por combinar várias vertentes musicais para produzir novas sonoridades, Beirão valoriza a cultura brasileira dando um toque tecnológico e atual para a música popular nordestina. O novo CD lançado em 2014 “Pop Star do Sertão”, assim como tudo o que vem realizando, é uma aproximação entre o tradicional e o moderno. É influenciado por artistas como Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro, João Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé, Alceu Valença, Zé do Norte, Gordurinha, repentistas, emboladores de coco, bandas de pífanos e pela musica universal. Cantor desde 1978, o “forroqueiro” já realizou turês no Brasil e na Europa e se apresentou em grandes projetos musicais ao lado de artistas como Cássia Eller, Capital Inicial, Renato Russo, Zé Ramalho, Alceu Valença, Gilberto Gil, entre outros. Beirão começa 2015 dedicado a produção e gravação de mais um novo CD, dessa vez duplo, com músicas inéditas e produzido por Paulinho Moreno."

- Paulinho Moreno (guitarra, teclados, baixo, cavaquinho e violões)
- Fernando Ramil (bateria e percussão)
- Carlinhos Barbosa (acordeon e zabumba)
- Alexander Raichenok (sax)
- Shária Ribeiro (ganzá)
- Beirão Neves (triângulo)
- Maísa Arantes, Júlia Carvalho e Shária Ribeiro (participação especial nos vocais - integrantes do Chinelo de Couro)

01 Pop Star do Sertão
02 Amor é Feito pra se Dar
03 Oceano das Paixões
04 Krikrar (Feira da Ilusão)
05 Carta de Um Marginal
06 Côco do Velho Chico
07 Lampião Envenenado
08 Você pra Mim é Problema Seu
09 Eva e Adão
10 Dedicada

01 Pop Star do Sertão...
06 Côco do Velho Chico...
07 Lampião Envenenado...
10 Dedicada...

Obrigada Marco Gomes! :o)

link in comments...

Friday, July 17, 2015

DISH// (Japan ,2015 ,male dance pop group )

Hi,friends  .
DISH// is a Japanese dance pop group (4 boys )

Watch the following PV by DISH//

They released their 1st album "Main Dish " including 14 track, on January 14th this year ,most of the tracks are excellent dance pop tunes ,but ... among them ,
a very unique track is included .....I 'm so interested who loves Queen and why he or she wanted them to  play Queen-style..... .lol

The meaning of the lyric is sung about ...never giving up and trying to do your best with your hungry heart! ...Yep,so positive lyric.

I uploaded the  track only here  (mp3 )....the name of the track is "Hungry  Rhapsodies "(Tr8)   
Try it please .
You will be able to enjoy as a prog track ,too.


Hungry Rhapsodies

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mike Oldfield "Platinum"(1979,UK)

If  you don't like "Platinum " by Mike Oldfield ,listen to this album uploaded by me.
I hope to change your wrong opinions .
It is an real original album (30000 pressed as the 1st edition )
 I really hope that "Platinum 1st edition "will be one of your favorite albums .
Mike Oldfield was one of the greatest prog pioneers all over the world .
This "Platinum 1st edition "also proves that he is a marvelous prog artist .
To let you know about this album,I included some pages abstract from "A Man And His Music" in the file

This is the 2nd edition "Platinum" (not included "Sally")

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gandalf & Galadriel "The Shining " (Austria ,1986 ,sympho, healing )

One day ,I read a review about this album ,and found  it  was a mud one .
To be completely honest , "The Shining" is the most exciting album for me among Gandalf's a lot of albums.( I bought CDs and listened almost all his albums so far )
So when it was released as CD in 1989 ,I sold my vinyl at a used record shop and purchased the CD very soon.
But unfortunately ,the CD didn't catch my heart again .
Why ?
The answer is in the 2 albums .
So I hope you will savor  both of them ....vinyl version and CD version ....

I believe that vinyl version is much better......
And the album always makes my heart  happier ......

Album (Vinyl)

Single (Way Home / Wake Up My Son)

Album (CD )

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Armande Altai "Atavisme" (1979 ,France ,Chanson,Zeuhl)


French jazz rock greats supported her in the album .
Check the musicians out at Discogs

full album

Monday, May 04, 2015

Reinhard Lakomy "Das geheime Leben" (1982 ) ,"Der Traum von Asgard" (1983) ...German prog electronics

Reinhard Lakomy "Das geheime Leben" (1982 ) ,"Der Traum von Asgard" (1983)  ...German prog electronics

 I didn't know about this electronics artist at all until today ....
Brilliant spacy electronics.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Honky Boo Band (1979 ,Denmark )

Honky Boo Band (1979 ,Denmark )

Mixture of folk,jazz,rock ,prog and pops
Great private album from Denmark !!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Walter Christian Rothe "Solitude " (Belgium,electronics ,1982 )

Walter Christian Rothe "Solitude " (Belgium,electronics ,1982 )

I really love W.C.Rothe's fantastic synth music world .....

Friday, March 13, 2015

A.Vuolo & E.Grande - "Desert" {Italy} [1979]

A.Vuolo & E.Grande - "Desert" {Italy} [1979]

New rip
You will like this album if you are fans of Alan Parsons Project (The cover also reminds me of "Eye in the Sky"(1982)...but "Desert" was earlier released !
This album's tracks are all instruments ones (without vocal tracks )


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Greg Sneddon "Mind Stroll " (Australia , Genesis clone,1975 )

Greg Sneddon "Mind Stroll " (Australia , Genesis clone ,1975)

Do you love Genesis as well as me ?
Then ,this album is for you !!!!!

You can download mp3 from the following info (excellent ripping ,indeed),so I posted WAVE only here.



Friday, February 06, 2015

Horizont (1977,prog , Sweden)

Horizont (1977,prog ,Sweden)

Recommended to KAIPA's fans.




Full album

Monday, December 22, 2014

Cardboard Village "Sea Change" (USA,1973 ,psych folk )

Cardboard Village "Sea Change" (USA,1973 ,psych folk )




Tuesday, December 16, 2014

David Sancious & Tone "Dance of the Age of Enlightenment" (USA,symphonic jazz rock,1977)

David Sancious & Tone"Dance of the Age of Enlightenment" (USA,symphonic jazz rock,1977)

I have got some CD-Rs or mp3s of this album to the date .

But they were not my favorite ones about sound quality.
However,at last ,I've got excellent lossless file .
So glad to enjoy this unreleased real treasure with all of you together !

 In those days around 1977 ,David Sancious & Tone were an anomaly to Columbia-Epic and also Arista. They didn’t know how to market the band. The band  told the companies to just put them with all the fusion artists, but those marketing boys were kind of crazy. .....Sometimes they can’t see the forest before the trees as they say.....It was the big problem with ‘'Dance of the Age of Enlightenment”. Both Columbia-Epic and Arista couldn’t conceive of the concept of a symphonic fusion band.  People didn’t realize that "Dance of the Age of Enlightenment" was scored for 20 woodwind, 20 string and 20 brass parts. That’s 60 singular individual orchestra parts that were all done on “ONE” yes one single minimoog synthesizer by David .The engineer, Bruce Botnik almost had a nervous breakdown (lol) as they had to sync three (3) 24 track MCI Tapedecks together and calibrate them every fifteen minutes to keep all the tracks sync’d up. ......Quite an undertaking.The record companies didn’t think that anyone would buy it so they tabled the project one month before the release date.It was very disappointing to the band. But it led to them creating the " True Stories  "  which is by far one of better produced records of all time. Eddie Offord was truly a genius.

This record were disposed soon although they were manufactured 1000 copies  first.No album cover, although one was created .Never went into production.............

Track 1-3

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Harry Roesli "Titik Api" (1976,prog ,Indonesia)

 Harry Roesli "Titik Api" (1976,prog ,Indonesia)

This album was finished 53 in the best Indonesian 150 albums selected in 2007.